The Philly Area Scala Enthusiasts (PHASE) is a user group for people in the Philadelphia, PA, region who are interested in the Scala programming language. If you're interested in Scala, programming on the Java VM, or functional programming in general, feel free to join us.

PHASE tries to meet monthly, with meeting locations alternating between Center City Philadelphia and the suburbs. In addition, PHASE is actively involved in organizing conferences and collaborating with other Philadelphia-area technology users groups. PHASE is one of three regional Scala user groups behind the Northeast Scala Symposium. In past years, PHASE also organized Scalathon, the first international Scala hackathon.

For information about our monthly meetings, see the PHASE Meetup page.

We're active, and we're growing. Join us!

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Date Speaker Title Meeting Page Slides Code Other
2015-09-10 Brian Clapper An Introduction to Spark Streaming Slides (HTML+JavaScript) Video
2015-04-22 Michael Pilquist An Introduction to Shapeless via Scodec Slides (PDF) Video
2015-03-19 Brian Clapper Messing Around with Typesafe Slick Slides (HTML + JavaScript) github.com/bmc/slick-presentation-2015-03-19
2014-12-09 Michael Pigg and Ken Rimple Reactive applications with Scala and AngularJS
2014-10-21 Helena Edelson Escape From Hadoop: Spark Streaming, Cassandra, Scala & Akka Slides (Slideshare) Resources
2014-09-16 Martin Snyder Live coding a CRUD database in Scala github.com/MartinSnyder/scala-transactional-datastore
2014-07-24 Brad Miller The Scala-Graph Library Slides (PDF)
2014-06-12 Jason Feingold Haskell and React.js github.com/wafna/
2014-05-20 Dustin Getz & Daniel Miladinov React.js and functional JavaScript
2014-04-24 Roland Kuhn Roland Kuhn leads a Q&A and live coding session
2014-03-20 Gary Keorkunian Viridity's Scala Units of Measure and Quantities API Slides (PDF) www.squants.com/
2013-09-25 Martin Snyder Writing Functional Wrappers for Legacy APIs (joint meeting of PHASE and PhillyJUG) Slides (HTML + JavaScript) github.com/MartinSnyder/scala-jdbc Video
2013-07-09 Jason Feingold Gradle and Scala Slides (HTML + JavaScript)
2013-04-16 Dmitriy Setrakyan Pearls of Distributed Programming with Scala and GridGain
2012-12-04 Duncan Devore CQRS and Event Sourcing Slides (HTML + JavaScript)
2012-10-23 Nick McAvoy Typesafe Slick Slides (HTML + JavaScript)
2012-10-02 Brian Clapper The Play! Framework Slides (HTML + JavaScript)
2012-06-12 Yuvi Masory Scalaz, Monads, Functors and You Slides (PDF)
2012-05-15 Adam Hinz and George Adams Dispatch, Unfiltered, Blue Eyes and Play: A Comparison
2012-01-26 Mads Hartmann Jenson Building SBT Plugins Slides (PDF) github.com/mads379/sbt-plugin-examples
2011-11-15 Yuvi Masory Scala on the Android Platform Video
2011-10-18 Brian Clapper SBT 0.10 and 0.11 Overview Slides (HTML + JavaScript)
2011-09-20 Erik Osheim Scala Type Classes Slides (HTML + JavaScript)
2011-08-10 Jamie Allen Disrupters Slides (HTML + JavaScript) github.com/jamie-allen/sdisruptor